Fiona, Heather and Chris are visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Hampton Roads.  It’s been pretty darn fun so far.  Here are the pictures to date...
Williamsburg ‘07
We considered biking there... but thought better of it.
Entrance to Colonial Williamsburg
I’m too young to realize history isn’t supposed to be fun
Pucker up
Chilling at the pool after day 1
In the forest!
Back in the stockade
History - fun.  Horses - funner.
Maze at the Governor’s Palace
Bye bye Williamsburg!
Back at the pool on day 2
Mommy and me
Muffin in a pumpkin patch
Up to no good...
Waiting for the show
Not a real horse, but almost as good
Fiona-sized version of a Clydesdale