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Keeping Us Surprised Until the Stork Arrives

by Aunt Kimmie


It all started when they moved to Mount A,

Not much to do there and look what’s on the way.


Pregnancy is funny if you know what I mean,

Heather says she’s not Jack but she’s growing a bean.


Look at the ultrasound and tell me what you see,

If you squint real hard, a Garbonzo you’ll see.


Late night trips to Safeway are part of the normal routine,

Take one look at their pantry and you’ll know what I mean.


Doritos, pretzel and cookies don’t always do the trick,

So it is off to Plaza Girabaldi for dinner real quick.


Hormones are raging and tear are a flowing,

Ask her a question too many times and to the moon you’ll be going.


As Heather’s belly grows and continues to swell,

Chris remarks, “You know I’m couvading as well.”


They’ll use the luck of the Irish when selecting a name,

So what about Liam, Aiden or Shamus you say.


Blarney, there’s no boy in Heather’s belly,

I have 50 bucks that says it’s Jillian or Meghan Kelley.


This Mom needs a wagon instead of the Trooper,

This family needs space even the Wooper.


We’ve all been to Wal-Mart, Target and the Baby SuperStore,

Can you guess who all this stuff is for?


Is there a boy in your belly or a girl on way?

To keep us all guessing, you just won’t say.


As you sit here surrounded by family and friend,

If you feel something around you, it’s the love in the air.


Who really knows what the stork will bring,

All we know is that we’ll love that little thing!!