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Family Christmas - Santa - Hospital Visit


Family Christmas

Aunt Kimmie

Mom & Great Grandpa Floyd

Great Grandma Muller

Great Uncle Doug

Great Grandpa Floyd

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Muller

Great Uncle Doug and Great Grandma Reilly

Aunt Nok, Daddy, and Uncle Jim

Aunt Jen

Aunt Kirsten and Molly

Uncle Ryan

Grandpa, Mom, Dad, and Grandma

Grandpa Kelley

Dad, Grandma Kelley, and Great Grandpa Floyd

Daddy holding Liam up



Our Little Santa

Sticking out tongue

Room to grow


Stocking stuffer

Little boy blue


With buddy from Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Muller

Cutie Santa

Christmas present

Brothers gotta hug



Latest visit to the hospital

Smiling for the camera

Already starting to cheese it up for the camera.


Liam's starting to "talk" to us quite a bit now. One day, we hope to understand his language.

Go Liam!

The boy's got quite an arm! You should see him throw the baseball!

Liam's first wagon ride

Dad took Liam down in this wagon to get his echo checkup. For Christmas, Liam got Dad a really good present - a Radio Flyer wagon (I think it's a lot like this one, but dad hasn't put it together yet!).

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