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     Back in June, Heather and Chris got a call from the Doctor's office - and found out that Baby Kelley had a heart problem.  Our doctor in Frederick saw that the baby had an enlarged right atrium and thought we should go visit the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore to have them take a look at the baby in their Center for Advanced Fetal Care.  One of the nurses at Maryland, Kristen, was nice enough to get us in to see Dr. Harmon right away that same day.

     After visiting with Dr. Harmon, we were told that a number of problems could be happening, and Heather was subjected to a battery of tests.  Fortunately, after a few weeks, we found out that many of the potential problems were non-existent, so that was good news.  However, the baby still had a very serious heart problem.

     So, over the ensuing months, Heather and Chris visited Dr. Harmon's office on a weekly basis to have the baby checked out.  We met with several doctors who looked at the baby's heart, using ultrasound machines.  Baby Kelley's condition changed several times over these months, and at one point, things looked very dire indeed.  However, Dr. Harmon put Heather on a heart medication for baby and this cleared up the heart failure that seemed to be occurring.

     Now, after months of exams and checks, we have a little more of an idea of what is going on.  Baby Kelley has several congenital heart defects:  Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA), a large Ventricle Septum Defect (VSD), Pulmonary Valve Stenosis, a small Ductus Arteriosis (PDA), and a very large right atrium.  You can take a look at the links page to find out more about all of this.

     So, now that we know (or at least, think we know) what is going on, we have a plan to remedy the problems.  Heather will be having the baby at Christiana Hospital in Delaware.  Within a few hours, the baby will be transported to the nearby A.I. DuPont Childrens Hospital, and shortly thereafter, Dr. Norwood will be performing a modified Rastelli procedure.  After much thinking, praying and deliberation, it seems like this is the best way to do things, and we're very positive that things will work out well.

     Be sure to check the Web Log (blog) for more updates on Baby Kelley.
Note: Liam's diagnoses and surgical corrections have changed since this was written.  For more up-to-date info, check the blog.