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Chillin' in Philly

Date: 05 Aug 2004
Time: 08:28:42 -0700
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Hello Family and Friends!

Liam is hanging tight. The rollercoaster ride continues but he's been stable over the last week, a few tweeks here and there on meds. He continues to amaze the staff at how much sedation he can overcome. Every nurse warns the next about the "WiggleWorm". Everyday he seems to grow, especially his "orangatang" hair. My sister continually makes sure that it is combed, most days he has "bedhead" - but he's still the cutest little man in the world. He's recently been giving us orders to get him a box lunch from the Double Dragon food cart out front because the Neocate just isn't cutting it!:) As you can tell from this post, Mommy is starting to go a little crazy! Thanks for all of the prayers and support.

Love Ya! LiLiBird and Gang

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