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Back in the ICU

Date: 16 Jul 2004
Time: 17:50:53 -0700
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Liam is back at his bed in the ICU. He did very well in the cath lab and was a very good boy.

The doctor that did his cath came in afterward and spoke with us about what he saw.

They did a lot of checking around, but ended up deciding not to perform any kind of procedure. He tested closing off Liam's main pulmonary artery like they mentioned before and Liam didn't seem to like that at all (his sats dropped). So, they opted against that. The doc also noted the mitral valve leakage and agreed that it was probably the reason for Liam being sick.

So, basically no change at this point. This cath gave CHOP the info they needed to make recommendations going forward. Just as they said at AI, it pretty much comes down to a mitral valve replacement or a heart transplant. We'll be meeting with Liam's cardiologist and various other docs here to discuss all the options, but they probably won't review everything completely until next week. I remember his cardiologist mentioning that the entire team meets on Tuesdays to review cases like Liam's, so I'm guess we'll probably hear something at least by then.

Over the weekend we'll be able to talk to several docs off and on, though. Right now, they're still stabilizing Liam because one of his lines came out and another looks loose. They'll probably replace those, if they haven't already.

Thanks to all for thinking of us.

Take care,

Liam's family

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