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Cath this afternoon

Date: 16 Jul 2004
Time: 09:06:10 -0700
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Hello friends,

Liam seems to be adjusting well to his new home. The docs and nurses at CHOP have been great to all of us so far. This facility is truly state of the art. They just redid the CICU in February and a lot of their equipment is brand new. The nurses have been very welcoming and understanding with Liam. His nurse last night took a picture of him cuddled up with his frog stuffed animal. It's cute.

Mom and dad spent the night at the Ronald McDonald house last night and we'll be using it as a home-base. It's not too far from the hospital and they run a shuttle between the two places. The neighborhood seems very nice - we're right in the middle of the UPenn campus and near Drexel.

This afternoon, Liam will be having a cath to check a few things out. They still plan on checking into closing off his main pulmonary artery to see if that helps. Also, they might close any "pop-off" type veins that are allowing deoxygenated blood to "bypass the system" so to speak. The procedure will probably take at least 3 hours, and he won't be going into the cath lab until maybe 2 or 3pm today, so it won't be until later that we hear the results. We'll let you know.

We appreciate your continued prayers as Liam goes in to get another procedure done and prayers for his recovery.

Take care everyone,

Chris, Heather and LiLi Bird

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