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A smile!

Date: 02 Jul 2004
Time: 09:31:07 -0700
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Hi everybody! Everything is still pretty much the same with Liam...except he just smiled as his mommy for the first time since last Thursday!

They've been changing the meds they're using to keep him sedated and from time to time he wakes up and opens his eyes a little bit. Actually, he ends up opening up tiny little slits-for-eyes because of how swollen they are. Although he can't really move his head much, we can put our mugs right in front of his face and he'll look at us. He moves his arms and legs around as much as he can, too. The nurses have little velcro cuffs on his ankles and wrists, though to keep him from moving too much and from removing his tubes. Anyway, he's been looking at us off and on for the last few days. But today was the first time he's smiled in soooo long. I guess he was really happy to see his mommy. And seeing a smile makes us feel ecstatic! Hopefully this all means he's starting to feel better and he'll really start to make progress with unloading fluid and being able to breath easier.

Have a happy holiday weekend everyone!

The Kelley Family

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