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Sildenafil...aka....little blue pill

Date: 01 Jul 2004
Time: 07:45:07 -0700
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Yes, it's true...Liam has joined Raffy Palmeiro and Bob Dole and has become a Viagra user. Apparently, Viagra (especially in conjunction with Nitric Oxide) works very effectively as a vasodilator (dilates the blood vessels). This is helping Liam's blood pressure to go down and is lowering the work that his heart has to do.

Of course, this med is not without...side effects. Although he is not fully awake himself, let's just say "little Liam" is awake and alert, if you catch my meaning. Hey, we have to get our laughs somewhere, right?

I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but they also recently increased the diaper size they are using for Liam. Hmmmm...maybe giving him a little breathing room?

Of course, the poor kid isn't awake to retaliate against our wise cracks. We'll wait until he's a teenager and let him read through this blog again then. (Liam, if you're reading this 16 years from now, you should realize that it's your parents' job to embarrass their children. We'll make it up to you :) Love, Dad).

And love to everyone else,

Kelley Family

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