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6/28 - 4:50pm...The boy is back

Date: 28 Jun 2004
Time: 14:05:06 -0700
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Liam is out of the cath lab, back in the ICU. Dr. Murdison came by to give us the details: They didn't find anything different from his normal in the heart. His mitral valve is still at mild to moderate regurgitation. This is good b/c it means a surgical intervention for heart-related stuff would not be called for at this point. The reason for his extreme swelling has to do with increased pressures in the lungs and vascular system around the lungs. This is likely a result of a viral or bacterial pulmonary infection. Although this is not a good thing for him to have, since it's pretty severe for him, we are glad that it doesn't look like the problems are directly related to a central heart issue. Getting through this infection will continue to be tough for him, but, as Heather puts it, "He doesn't have an option. Liam will get through this because he has to."

On a similar note, Liam is sticking true to his Irish heritage, because he is well known around the cardiac unit as the "fighter". He likes to fight with his sedation and tends to pull lines and tubes as he becomes lucid. Although we overtly tell him to try to stay calm, we often have sidebars with him and Mom and Dad have been known to whisper words of encouragement, telling him to continue to fight...just not with his tubes.

So, bottom line is, the prognosis seems cautiously stable for now. We hope that over the next few days, the docs will be able to focus the antibiotic treatment, and we'll see some improvement with his swelling as his lungs heal.

Take care all!

Much love from Wilmington,

The Kelleys

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