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June 28, 12:10pm ... Cath this afternoon

Date: 28 Jun 2004
Time: 09:18:31 -0700
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Liam is scheduled to go into the cath lab this afteroon to check out pressures and look for possible blood clots. It'll probably be around 1pm. The echo yesterday didn't show indication of clotting, but they want to be sure with a cath. We spoke with Dr. Baffa and she indicated possible concern over his mitral valve. This is something they spoke about before, but felt that the regurg here was minor to moderate. Now, it seems steady as moderate and it seems that stress (like being sick) seems to make the regurg worse. They'll look at that while they're in. Dr. Baffa will give us a quick overview this afternoon after the cath, but it'll probably be tomorrow until the whole team gets together to discuss strategy going forward.

Meanwhile, we've been sending records up to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to have them review. Dr. Baffa suggested that they forward the results from this cath to them as well so they're up-to-date. We've put another call into the doctor at CHOP and hope to speak with him about his opinion on Liam's situation.

Thank you for your continued prayers.


The Kelley Family

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