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Still here in the hospital - June 28, 10AM

Date: 28 Jun 2004
Time: 07:01:45 -0700
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Hello everyone.

This weekend was kind of rocky. A few days ago, Liam's face started swelling up again, like it does a lot of times after an operation. Of course, the last operation was his pacemaker placement, and that was weeks ago. So, they weren't sure why the swelling was going on. So, they did lots of tests this weekend, and things started to get worse for Liam, so they ended up intubating him and now he's on a ventilator. Being the strong fighter that he is, Liam decided to wake from his partial sedation yesterday and cough out the breathing tube. As a result, they ended up giving him drugs to paralyze him with the tube in, so he doesn't move and pull out the tube.

Thankfully, after almost two days of being on the ventilator now, his swelling has gone down substantially. His eyes are really puffy still, so he still looks like he's gone 10 rounds on the losing end, but still better than he was a few days ago. It's good to see him relaxed and not upset all the time, but it's upsetting to see him lying still on the ventilator. Going forward, the docs will probably be doing a cath (probably today - Monday), to see how the pressures and pulmonary blood flow is. They suspect that a lot of Liam's problems are due to a virus that he contracted and is still struggling to overcome. He still has a couple days of antibiotics to go to clear up a local infection on his chest incision from before. But the infection looks to be completely gone at this point. It's also possible that he the virus is causing pneumonia - hence the respiratory problems. The less he's on the ventilator, the better, but if it helps him get through things, that's good.

We still haven't heard if they'll cath him today. We were sure that they would, but haven't heard from the docs yet. Thanks for everyone's continued prayers. We really are looking forward to our boy getting off the ventilator, out of the ICU, into our room, and out of the hospital and back home. We all miss being home and enjoying the summer. Thankfully, we have lots of good friends who are helping to take care of the house and plenty more who are thinking about our family.

Thank you all. Hopefully we'll all be home real soon.


The Kelleys

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