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Slight setback, but on the mend

Date: 22 Jun 2004
Time: 10:10:01 -0700
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Liam spent a good Father's day with his dad this past Sunday. Heather went home to pick up some necessities and Chris stayed at the hospital, by Liam's bedside in the step-down area. He didn't seem to fuss as much that day and was happy to be with daddy all day long...playing with all his toys and watching movies in bed. It was fun for both of us.

When Heather got back, the nurse (Sharon the Saint) offered to watch Liam for us so we could go out and watch a movie. Another nice break. We're getting spoiled!

However, when we got back, the entire 2B nursing staff was huddled around Liam's bed and Dr. Murdison was in the middle. An unnerving sight to say the least. We approached them and Mary Pat came over to say that Liam was very upset - he had pulled his IV out and they couldn't get one back in. They called Dr. Murdison over to do the IV placement, but he was having trouble. Based on our past experience, we knew that having a doctor performing a bedside procedure was out of the norm, so we remained cautiously concerned and went back to the room to wait for them to come tell us when they were done. After a while Dr. Murdison stopped by and said that he'd be taking Liam to the ICU to sedate Liam and get a femoral vein IV placed. He said that Liam getting upset was causing his veins to lose pressure and that was making it very difficult to place an IV in the normal locations (including his noggin). Eventually, Michelle stopped by and told us that we could go see Liam in the ICU. He was loopy with sedation, but much calmer and ready to play. The centrally located femoral veinous line made for a more direct feed for his meds. In the ICU he gets individual attention, so that makes us feel comfortable, though we aren't happy that we have to call over there to get permission to see our boy. We understand the policy, but don't like having to do it.

Yesterday, he made good progress and was able to unload some of the fluid that he had built up while being sick. Also, his oxygen sats started rising as he continues to get frequent breathing treatments (albuterol) to keep his airways open and working. We're hoping that his labored breathing will ease up today.

Liam continues to get antibiotics for what seems to be an infection at his incision site and around his pacemaker. Apparently, as he began to recover from his virus late last week, the infection began to manifest and he started getting a fever. That explains why he seemed to feel better late last week, only to become very inconsolable over the weekend. We're thinking they caught the infection early, b/c the redness on his chest and abdomen looks to be receding. Also, some inflammation around the pacemaker site looks like it's going down. This is all VERY good b/c an infection there could lead to a need for another pacemaker-removal surgery, followed by recovery time, followed by another pacemaker-placement surgery. So, as he continues to recover, we're very thankful that more surgery continues to be less and less likely.

Hopefully we'll be letting you know in the next post that he's out of the ICU and in the step-down area.

Take care,

The Kelley Family

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