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6/4/04 12:31PM - Still in the ICU

Date: 04 Jun 2004
Time: 09:42:02 -0700
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Well, the boy is still in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, but he is supposed to come over the 2B cardiac wing to be with his family sometime today. The last few days of recovery have been a little rough for they guy - it took a while for his heart and pacemaker to adjust to each other but it looks like his on track now. Also, he has had some problems with breathing but that also seems to be getting better. He was fussy this morning, but mom went over and visited him a little while ago and he calmed down a bit, opened his eyes, and played with mommy and his buddy Piglet!

We can't WAIT for him to get out of the ICU so we can see our boy all the time and take care of him when he fusses.

Take care,

Kelley Family

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