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1:06 pm 6/2/04 - Out of the OR

Date: 02 Jun 2004
Time: 10:12:11 -0700
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Liam is out of the OR, in the CICU, and has his pacemaker in. As usual, he didn't follow instructions and made for a longer-than-normal surgery. He had a lot of scar tissue from his prior surgeries that needed to be removed in order to successfully put the pacemaker in. But all is good now. He's slowly recovering from the anesthesia. Heather and Chris went in for our usual post-op quick visit and now we're out, waiting for him to wake up completely. The nurse is hoping that he wakes up hungry so we can start feeding him possibly this afternoon or early evening! That'd be great.

We're hoping that he continues to give mommy a great birthday present and recovers quickly.

His heart rate is now 115 in the CICU, which is much more in line with babies of his size. They'll tweak the pacer off and on over the next few days, but they do that by putting a device over the pacemaker generator, over his belly. Very quick and easy.

So, for now, a collective WHEW! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts and love and care.

Wouldn't it be great if we could come home soon!!!

Take care,

Heather, Chris, Liam, Grandma Kelley, Grandma Muller, Grandpa Kelley, Grandpa Muller in Wilmington

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