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6/2/04 9:09AM...Out of the cath lab, into the CICU, waiting to go into the OR

Date: 02 Jun 2004
Time: 06:29:42 -0700
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Liam was the first cath lab procedure of the morning. They went into his esophagus to test out pacing of his heart and take some measurements to determine how best to implement his pacemaker.

Dr. Negme, the electrophysiologist came in and told us about his plan for Liam's pacemaker. The choice is whether to do a single lead (atrial pacing only) or dual lead (a/v pacing). The test results from the cath lab indicated that his conduction system in the heart is good (woohoo!), so they're surmising that the two right atrial reductions that they did before were what messed up the atrium-based heartbeat. So, that's good news - it means they only need the single-lead pacemaker, which is smaller and less risk.

Liam is in the CICU now, and Heather and Chris went to visit him a few minutes ago. His pacemaker procedure is scheduled for 10:30am this morning. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Take care,

Liam, Heather and Chris

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