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One guess on where we are right now...

Date: 31 May 2004
Time: 12:22:28 -0700
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Yep - back at the hospital. On Friday, Liam was supposed to come visit for an outpatient check in the GI department. He had been looking a little swollen for a couple days before that. So, Heather brought him over to cardiology to check him out. Sure enough - the little squirt decided that he wanted to stay with his buddies at duPont he was admitted.

The swelling in the upper part of his body was enough for them to think he should stay with them for Memorial Day weekend. So, Chris went home and grabbed the staying-at-duPont suitcases and various items that we always bring up here to feel at home and Heather and her dad stayed up at the hospital with Li-Ham Lou (another name).

After a few days of IV diuretics, the swelling went down to where they were happy with his progress.

Now it looks like he's going to be getting a pacemaker on Wednesday (or Thursday, if they get any emergencies). The thought is that this will hopefully help with all the GI problems and oxygen sats. We certainly hope so.

Heather's birthday is coming up on Wednesday. She really didn't want him to have his surgery on her birthday, but it looks like it will be.

Our nurse has been really great - she watched Liam for us while we went out for an early birthday dinner for Heather. That was a first - one of us always stays behind - so it was nice for mom and dad to get out for a quick break.

We have the same nurse again tonight and she's practically forcing us out the door again to go out to the movies. Wow! We're getting spoiled, I tell ya. We don't know much about the plan for the pacemaker. We'll talk to the docs when they're all back from the holiday weekend tomorrow.

Take care,

Kelley Fam

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