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Lots to tell from Mt. A

Date: 25 May 2004
Time: 06:45:05 -0700
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Hello All! Well we were discharged from the hospital on Friday- Yippee! Liam was still gagging and coughing on his NJ tube but it seems to be working and getting in the formula. We can still feed him during the day if he seems hungry but he still has to stay hooked up to his feeding tube for 20 hours a day. You should see us fumble around our house with the oxygen line and feeding pump.

Talk about a kid with baggage and parents who occasionally want to throw a feeding pump out the window. We try to find a comfortable spot and stay put, Liam of course has a different agenda.

So this weekend was jam-packed. We had Liam baptized on Sunday with his cousin Sam, what a great day! Then we had a party at Uncle Matt and Aunt Katy's house on Kent Island. Liam was zonked by the time it was over, his parents could barely function. But no time for relaxing we had a gastric emptying study at Dupont Monday afternoon.

Liam drank a bottle with a tracer in it and layed on a table for an hour while they watched him digest his food. Elmo, Scobby Do, and the Rugrats keep him company, he was such a good boy. He had pulled his NJ tube out on Monday morning so we had a new one put in yesterday afternoon. This one is smaller and doesn't seem to bother him as much, we just home it won't get clogged easy.

We go back to Dupont on Friday to find out the results from the scan. We'll keep you posted.

Exhaused hugs and kisses from Mt. A

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