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Upper GI complete

Date: 18 May 2004
Time: 17:04:09 -0700
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Liam's upper GI study went well. He was so hungry by the time he had to take the bottle with the barium that he gulped it down. Of course, Sir Pukesalot didn't let us down. He gave the docs looking at his belly a view of it coming down AND going back up.

The radiologist preliminarily said that it looks like he doesn't have any anatomical problems that would indicate surgery - which is great! However, he did notice that his stomach wasn't emptying as quickly as it should.

We met with a GI doctor a little while ago. She said that they'll review the study, but is recommending that he be put on a different formula - Neocate! Also, he may get an N-J feeding tube, which goes down past the stomach and will hopefully lower the chances of pukage.

Oh, and he'll be getting another med for stomach acid reduction.

They'll be keeping an eye on him with all these changes and see if he holds enough food down to start packing on the oz's.

Take care,

Liam and fam

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