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We're back in! (5/18/04 12:30pm)

Date: 18 May 2004
Time: 09:35:59 -0700
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Hi everyone! We're back up at AI duPont. This time, though, it's not heart-related (fortunately)! Dr. Baffa was able to arrange for Liam to be seen fairly quickly by a GI specialist here. As you know, he's been Mr. Pukey, the Pukemeister and Sir Pukesalot lately.

It's been bad enough that they finally decided that maybe his belly needs a checkup. So, today at 3:15pm, we're scheduled to have the upper GI workup done. He'll be swallowing some yummy Barium. Mmmm, good! We'll see how that works out. Based on the results of their testing, they'll make a call on how best to treat him. There could be several things going on, so he may or may not need surgery. The cardiac docs also mentioned that they might sneak a pacemaker in during the surgery if it seems feasible. So, that's the latest. As always, we'll keep you up to date.

Take care,

Kelleys in Wilmington

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