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Feeling a little better today

Date: 14 Apr 2004
Time: 07:25:00 -0700
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Hello everyone! We were so glad that we were able to talk to Dr. Baffa last night. She came in yesterday to work for the night and she stopped by to talk to us. She always does such a good job at putting us at ease. While she pretty much agreed with what Dr. Bhat had to say yesterday, she also explained to us that the risk of the cath procedure was minimal and that the doctors who are now performing cardiac caths here are excellent. She said that they will not only be checking the pressures in Liam's heart, but they'll also look into the possibility of closing off a vein that might be dumping deoxgenated blood back into the oxygenated side of his heart. She didn't think that they'd be closing his tricuspid valve on Friday, but it is possible. It was a relief for us to speak with her.

Take care everyone,

The Kelleys

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