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Going back into the cath lab

Date: 13 Apr 2004
Time: 13:59:20 -0700
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Hello all. Liam has decided that he doesn't want to come home just yet. The doctors here have pretty much ruled out that Liam has any respiratory that means he probably has some heart problems, and that's keeping his oxygen sats down. We just spoke with Dr. Baht...he said that Liam will need to go into the cardiac cath lab to have the pressures in his heart checked out. He also mentioned that his tricuspid valve regurgitation is high enough to warrant complete closure, and the risk involved with this is majorly altering the electrical pulse system of the heart. So, that means Liam will need a pacemaker, if the electrical impulse system is sufficiently screwed up from the operation. As of right now, they're scheduling the cath to happen on Friday. They'll decide when they're in there whether it's feasible to try to shut off the tricuspid valve completely.

Oh, and Liam's mitral valve (other side of the heart) is showing signs of problems. All of these problems led Dr. Baht to mention transplantation as something to consider if their efforts on Friday are not successful. So, today has been a bit of a sad day because of this news. If you have any prayers left for us, we'd appreciate them.


Chris, Heather and Liam Kelley

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