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Happy Easter!

Date: 11 Apr 2004
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Well, after a few days at University of Maryland hospital, Liam has decided that he wanted to visit his old friends at A.I. duPont. And, as usual, he didn't want to make the trip in ordinary it was another helicopter ride. This time, he took mommy with him and flew to Delaware in no time. Meanwhile, dad brought all the baby gear in the car and drove up to meet them. So...Liam's now in the step-down unit at duPont, and the family's here, too. They don't have an actual room for mom and dad, so we're staying at the Ronald McDonald house nearby. We spent all day with him, though. He seems to be more content now - eating well and breathing a little better. They're going to keep an eye on his oxygen saturation levels, because sometimes they dip down a little low. Dr. Negme saw him this morning and he thinks he has some kind of mild upper respiratory infection. So, the plan is to keep an eye on him and keep him on oxygen and see if he comes back up to baseline over the next few days. If not, they'll look into other cardiac options, but we're hoping Liam just has what amounts to a little bit of a cold.

All four grandparents came up to Delaware to visit Liam on his first Easter, today. You should see all of the great Easter toys and candy he got from the Easter Bunny. Good stuff. Hope your Easter is a happy one.

Take care,

Liam and Family in Delaware

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