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Visiting a new hospital

Date: 09 Apr 2004
Time: 09:02:12 -0700
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Well, we knew it wouldn't last too much longer before another visit to the hospital. This time, though, we went to a closer one. Liam is currently in the pediatric intermediate care unit at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday, he had been really fussy and not eating, so Heather took him to the local pediatrician. We should have known it would mean another hospital visit. Since he didn't seem like he was having acute heart problems, we figured we'd head to a local hospital first before going all the way to duPont. Sure enough, the docs at University think he has some kind of respiratory ailment. We're waiting on some labs to see if it's pneumonia or RSV or something. Meanwhile, they're treating him with antibiotics and IV fluids to keep him hydrated. Of course, he's oxygen sats are way down, so that's what keeps them most concerned. He's got the ole nasal cannula keeping the oxygen going and once in a while they aim another tube of oxygen in his face to up the sats. We spent part of Wednesday in the pediatric ER, Wednesday night and Thursday in the PICU and Thursday evening they brought him to the step-down unit (IMC).

We're happy that he's making progress in the right direction. Hopefully, this is just a short visit.

Take care,

Kelleys in B-more (hon)

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