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Post-Op appointment went well

Date: 11 Mar 2004
Time: 14:04:14 -0800
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Hi Everyone!!! We're doing great. Yesterday we took a trip up to Dupont for Liam's post-op appointment, everything went very well. No fluid accumulation, good saturation level and his heart rate is faster than right after surgery. She put him on a heart monitor for 24 hours just to see how his heart rate is when he's sleeping and relaxing to make sure it's not going to low. But everything looks great and he's eating much more and back to his happy self. He's turned into a chatterbox and gives us an earfull at times. Good thing Mommy can just turn off her hearing aid if he gets too loud :) He's up to 10 lb 6 oz- what a heavyweight! Things are finally starting to settle down and get back to normal baby stuff- What's that, I forget!

Sending Kisses and Hugs

- LiLi's Gang

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