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The Kelleys are HOME (again)!

Date: 29 Feb 2004
Time: 15:56:01 -0800
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Hi everyone. Good news! Liam and fam are back home in Mount Airy. The nurse came in last night and gave us the good news: If Liam cooperates with his eating, they'll give us a ticket home. His eating was...borderline...last night, but still good enough to warrant a "get out of hospital free" card. Woohoooo! We are sooo happy to be back. This visit was possibly the most harrowing - his recovery from surgery was slow going. But the end result is good. Liam is doing a good job of getting back to his old self. Just yesterday, he started back with his regular smiles and "talking" on a regular basis. So, he's definitely happier, and we think he's in much less pain.

We can't say it enough...thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers. We'll still keep the web site up to date as news occurs so you know what's going on. <p>

-Liam & Posse, Happy and healthy in Mount Airy

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