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Liam is in our room!

Date: 21 Feb 2004
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Saturday, February 21, 2004 -

Yesterday morning, they told us that Liam would be coming out of the ICU and into the step-down unit. They removed many of his tubes, including the chest tube, and an atrial line. He ended up staying in the ICU for most of the day, though...until yesterday evening, when they finally moved him over to step-down. It's much better for us, having him there, because we don't have to call over and ask permission to go visit him. But, we weren't quite ready when a half hour after he was in step-down, they said he could come to our room.

It's a little nerve-wracking - effectively taking him straight from the ICU into our room, and we think it was a little taxing on him, too. But, there was another child in the step-down area who had a virus, and we know from experience that Liam doesn't like viruses (e.g.: RSV, a couple weeks ago).

So, Liam was moved to our room and showed us love by screaming almost the whole night long. Poor guy, he's still in some pain and the fluid he has on board is really giving him a headache and is making the whole digestion process difficult for him. After a night of practice, we've found that he current prefers to sleep in an upright position - keeping pressure off his head.

The good news is that his hemi-head is actually deflating quite a bit. He's getting closer and closer to his normal look all the time. Honestly, when we first saw him in the ICU after surgery, he looked like a completely different guy. So, it's nice to see the old Liam back. As he starts to feel better, he's beginning to use his hands a bit more and again reaching out to touch mommy and daddy and any toy we shake in front of him to distract him.

He's still taking Tylenol and motrin for pain, and we think it may be starting to work, because in just the past few hours, he's been able to stay awake without wailing...a key step toward regaining our sanity :) Grandmas and Grandpas Kelley and Muller have been visiting regularly, and Liam's been glad to see them. He's still got a ways to go, but this afternoon has been one of the better ones we've all had in a while, so that's good.

Take care everyone!

-Liam's family.

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