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Breathing tube is out

Date: 19 Feb 2004
Time: 08:47:12 -0800
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Things continue to progress with Liam. He's still in the ICU. They took out the breathing tube last night, so he just has a small nasal canula with a little oxygen coming in. He still has what they jokingly call "Hemi-head" which means his upper half of his body is really swollen and his lower half is normal. This is because the SVC, which drains most of the blood in the upper half of his body is now rerouted directly to his blood, and the IVC (drains bottom half) is still going into his heart. We can really see the difference - his chest and up are very pink, and everything below is white. They say this is normal, but it takes some getting used to. As he recovers, this should settle down in time. Yesterday, his chest tube was draining quite a bit of blood after the surgery, and they were transfusing lots of extra blood to make up for the loss, but this has seemed to calm down a lot. We haven't talked to a doctor yet today to hear the plan on action, but things continue to look positive.

Take care all, and thank you for your words of encouragement in your e-mails and on the web site!

- The Kelleys

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