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Woohoo! Out of surgery!

Date: 18 Feb 2004
Time: 10:12:21 -0800
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18 Feb, 11:02 AM - Liam is out of surgery and is doing well. He's in the Cardiac ICU right now, recovering. Heather and Chris were able to go in to see him quickly after his recovery.

He's still sleeping from the anesthesia, but is looking pretty good otherwise. Lots of tubes and wires, of course, but the doctors were all very pleased with how things went. They performed the Hemi-Fontan operation, which involves connecting the superior vena cava (SVC) to the pulmonary artery and closing off the connection from the SVC to the right atrium. They also completely closed off the tricuspid valve, which was still leaking. They reduced the right atrium back down again in size (it had grown again since the last surgery). We haven't talked to Dr. Norwood yet, but Dr. Baffa seemed pretty sure that he closed off the pulmonary valve as well. There are good diagrams on the Nemours (duPont) web page that show the Hemi-Fontan procedure, which might be easier to understand than just reading about them. All in all, we are so relieved. Heather and I will be going back to see Liam again for a longer visit once he's stabilized a little more, and then the grandparents can come visit, too. Now, it's recovery time - and we're hoping that goes well.

Thanks to all for your continued love, prayers and support!

Chris, Heather and LIAM Kelley

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