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Out of the cath lab

Date: 17 Feb 2004
Time: 09:33:22 -0800
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Liam's cath procedure went well - with a few hiccups. Dr. Baffa came in and told us he had a little bit of atrial flutter, which they were able to correct a few times with the paddles. Also, when he came out of the procedure, he had a little trouble adjusting to breathing on his own, but they were able to assist and get him breathing again. Right now, he's sleeping and recovering from the anesthesia, but is slowly waking up and moving around a little. When I walked over to see him and say his name, he gave a little smile in his sleep, so that's good. The main surgery is definitely on for tomorrow. Dr. Baffa said that it is looking to be a Hemi-Fontan procedure, though Dr. Norwood will make the final call tomorrow morning in surgery. He'll come talk to us before they take him in for surgery. Now that the time has finally come, we're a little nervous, but we're very hopeful and are praying for a positive outcome. Dr. B said that his recovering may take a little longer because Liam is a smaller, but it all just depends on him. Again, we'll keep you up to date.

Take care,

Chris, Heather and Liam

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