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In the cath lab - 10:00AM Feb 17, 2004

Date: 17 Feb 2004
Time: 07:18:48 -0800
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Hello everyone! Well, we're back at the hospital for Liam's planned return visit. We checked in at the hospital at 6:30am this morning and he went into the cath lab at 8:50am. So, now we're waiting. He should be back out before noon...and then we'll talk to a cardiologist to discuss the findings. Based on what they see today, they'll make a decision on what surgery they'll be doing tomorrow. As always, we'll let you know when we know.

This trip, since it was planned, was lower stress than the last trip up here (no helicopter ride this time!). We checked in and stayed at the Ronald McDonald house that's right next to the hospital. It is a very relaxing and beautiful if you have a chance, here's an open invitation to save the pull tabs from your soda cans for your local Ronald McDonald house. They collect these things and somehow are able to get money to keep things running out of it. We've been giving them as many as we can get since Liam was born. Oh, and Judy (the resident social worker/surgery updater) just walked and and gave me an update - Liam's cath is still going well. He had a bit of a fast rhythm for a while there and they've brought his rhythm back down. They're now taking pictures of the flows inside his heart.

Take care,

Kelleys in Delaware

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