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Happy at Home

Date: 05 Feb 2004
Time: 14:05:28 -0800
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Hello All!

The Kelley Klan was discharged on Tuesday- Yippee! Liam is doing much better, his cough isn't nearly as bad any more and Liam has turned back into his happy smiley self. He continues to charm the nurses at Dupont, it's only when they come after him with the nose vacuum that he turns into a bucking bronco. He ate really well in the hospital and we hope he will continue now that he's at home. We have an appointment at a GI specialist this Friday to help with his reflux and we're going back up to Dupont on Monday for a check-up to decide if we're still going ahead with his catherization on February 17th.

Sending our Love from Mount A-

Heather, Chris, Liam and Petee

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