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Back again, of course...

Date: 01 Feb 2004
Time: 08:11:59 -0800
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First off, Liam is doing much better now that he's back at duPont.

But, it's been an exciting few days since Thursday, so let's get you up to date. Pretty much all last week, Liam has been sick with coughing and choking and pretty much feeling miserable (which, for those of you who are parents know, means everyone was miserable). Mom took him to the pediatrician's office and they diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection (i.e.: a cold). Things kept getting worse, though, so that on Thursday, when the home nurse came to visit, she thought it would be best for the Peanut to go visit the pediatrician again. So mom and grandma took him there, and they sent Liam on to Frederick hospital to check his oxygen saturation (he was looking kind of blue).

When he got to Frederick, his oxygen was reading at 56% saturation (not good). Soooo, they admitted the little squirt to the E.R. and hooked up the O2. They did some blood tests, hooked up an IV for fluids, took a chest X-ray, and swabbed his nose (fun fun) for and RSV test. Round about this time, mom called dad and said, "come to the hospital", so he did. A little while after dad got to the hospital, the nurse came in and said that Liam would need to go back to duPont, and he would need to get there quick. So, we decided that dad and Liam would go in the ambulance to Delaware and mom and grandma would go in the car. But it didn't quite work out like that - when they said "get there quickly" they meant by helicopter. So, 40 short minutes later, Liam and dad were back at A.I.. Liam enjoyed the ride in the helicopter - it put him right to sleep once we took off. Thanks to the crew and the pilot, it was a very smooth ride. Since they had never been to duPont, dad had to show the pilot where the hospital was, and where to land :) They would have found it eventually!

So, while mom and grandma packed up the hospital bags (we're experts at this now), Liam was checked and checked into A.I. duPont. He was once again poked and prodded (owww) but he was a good strong boy. They checked his x-ray (good) and his RSV test (negative). But they decided to do another RSV test. This one came back positive and confirmed that he did indeed have RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus). This is a basic cold for adults, but is a worse condition for infants, especially guys like Liam. There isn't really a treatment for it, he just has to tough it out. And he's doing a pretty darn good job of it. He came in here pretty sick, and had gotten progressively better and better. He's starting to eat a little more and keeping it down. They still have him hooked up to the oxygen, but they've shut off the IV. As usual, he has the annoying "telemetry box" hooked up to him - it's the remote sensor that shows the nurses his heart rhythm. So, we're back and we're going to stick it out and hope he gets better soon.

Liam's already ready to be home again, but he's happy he can watch the Superbowl on the TV in the hospital room. We were watching ESPN early this morning, gearing up for the big game. Although he's sad that the Ravens aren't in Houston today, he has made his pick - Pats by 7. I don't know why he feels this way, but we don't question his picks. He gets upset. And speaking of upset, you should have seen him crying when he found out that the hospital TVs don't get pay per view, so we can't watch the Lingerie Bowl at half-time. Oh well, maybe next year we'll be home for the big game ;)


The Kelleys in DE

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