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Up your nose with a rubber hose

Date: 17 Jan 2004
Time: 19:13:07 -0800
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Hello everyone. Liam has had a lot happen in the last few days, so I'll get right to it...last weekend he was back to his "normal" fussy self - not eating like he should and...ummm...ejecting what he was eating.

So, on Monday, Heather brought him into the local pediatrician to get checked again. After a number of calls to various docs, we decided that visits by a home nurse and putting a feeding tube back in would be the best course of action.

So, on Wednesday, a nurse came to visit at the house and put the tube in. If Liam could talk, he'd tell you that the tube was bigger than the nostril that they put it in. He wasn't too happy with the tube and let us know it for the whole rest of the day...until he was so tired, he couldn't complain any more.

Thursday wasn't much better and it was so bad that we had to yank the tube.

Fortunately, we were able to get a different kind of tube - similar to the one he had in the hospital - so on Friday Liam the Lima Bean was re-intubated. Still, not a good feeling, if you ask him, but he doesn't mind this tube as much.

He did alright with feeding overnight with the tube on Friday night and now it's Saturday night around 10pm and we're getting ready to hook him up again. So, we're doing normal, mouth feeds (PO) during the day and doing the tube thing slowly but surely for 10 hours overnight, with a bag change halfway through.

I swear I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up in the middle of the night and shouted to Heather, "We need 150cc's of formula on a 30 ml/hr drip, stat!" We're getting that good at this thing. Today was a pretty decent day though, and Liam was a really good boy for almost all of it, so that's a great thing. We're so lucky.

So that's the latest from the Kelleys in beautiful Mount Airy, Maryland. God bless to all.

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