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Home again, home again!

Date: 07 Jan 2004
Time: 17:40:42 -0800
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Woohoo! Things went quickly today, for sure...and now we're back home, unpacking and trying to get resettled in. Here's how it went down: Yesterday, they decided to up Liam's calorie intake by adding corn oil (yeach!) to his formula. After a few "adjustment" feedings (I'll what that means to your imagination), he seemed to settle down with the new mix. Last night Liam weighed in at 7 lbs 15oz! This was a 2 oz weight gain from our check-in at the hospital. We thought that they'd want to see a couple days of weight gain, at least. However, this morning, they came in and gave Heather good news...Liam would be discharged today. Of course, Chris had left earlier in the morning to drive down to Baltimore and go to work. Perfect timing :) So, after a couple hours, he turned around and went back and picked up the family! So, after a brief 5-day stay in the hospital we're home! It's such a great feeling...


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