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Here for at least a few more days

Date: 05 Jan 2004
Time: 10:07:09 -0800
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Dr. Baffa just came in to see Liam. She agreed that his echo showed his heart was in the same state as before, so that's good. She also said that he seems to be physically doing much better - his liver has shrunk back to his "normal" size. Since he's also eating much better, she said that the only thing they want to see is some weight gain. So, we'll stay here for the next day or two and monitor his weight. If he gains like he should, then we'll be able to head home! The next step would be to come back in a week or two for an intermediary visit to check his weight again.

If he continues to pack on the poundage, then we'll go back home for another week or two and then finally come back for Liam's cardiac cath visit. They'll schedule his surgical procedure for the next day, and depending on the results of the cath, he may or may not have the surgery right away that day. Of course, anything can happen, but we continue to stay positive.

Liam wanted me to tell you that he has a guest book on the web site now and would like you to check it out and sign in and say hi when you have a chance.

Doing well in Wilmington,

Liam, Heather and Chris

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