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Date: 05 Jan 2004
Time: 08:44:34 -0800
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Over the weekend the doctors adjusted Liam's meds and added one more to the mix. He had had this medicine before, but it was making him hurl, so they stopped it. We crossed our fingers, and I guess it worked, because he had no problems with the new med. After a little time adjusting to the new medicine, Liam's back on the food wagon - eating much more than he was before. We're all hoping that the slight adjustment to his medicine was all that he needed. This morning, Chris took Liam on his first wagon ridge in one of the Radio Flyer wagons they have here. We went all the way down to the echo lab and he cooperated nicely while they scanned his heart. The tech said everything looked like it had before (meaning: it didn't get worse!). We're hoping all of this adds up to the Kelley family going home today, but we won't hear from a doc until this afternoon at the earliest. Of course, their ideas never quite gel with ours, so it's all still up in the air at this point.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.

-Liam and parents

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