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Back in Wilmington

Date: 03 Jan 2004
Time: 17:30:17 -0800
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Welcome 2004! Liam decided to wait until the holidays were over (only just) before he thought it would be a good idea to head back up to the hospital. On Friday, 2 Jan, Heather took him into the local pediatrician to ask about his feeding - he hadn't been eating much lately.

They gave a call up to duPont and Dr. Baffa recommended that we bring him in for admission. So, last night, we checked back into the 2B unit at A.I. duPont. Liam seems to be doing alright. In fact, ever since he's been in the hospital he's actually been eating more than he had before! The nurses here considered putting an n-g tube back into his nose, but I think the threat of doing that was enough to put him back on course with his feeds. He's still not doing as much as he should, but he's doing alright enough to keep the tube out. We can't say he's "totally" wireless, still, though. He has the remote heart sensor hooked up to his back now. But at least we can carry him around the room with it. The game plan going forward is to monitor his feeding this weekend and take action (tube) if needed.

On Monday they'll make a call about maybe doing a cardiac catheter to see how his blood flows and pressures are in the heart. If they don't do the cath on Monday, they might send us home and have us come back with him later in the week. Meanwhile, as usual, it's a waiting game here in room #3 of the 2B cardiac unit. When Heather and I walked in the door, we had flashbacks to not-to-long ago when we were here. Although everyone here is very nice, and Liam gets excellent care, the sooner we can all get out of here with a healthy Liam, the better :)

Take care and keep a good thought for us...

Kelley's back in Wilmington

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