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Liam's First Christmas

Date: 28 Dec 2003
Time: 16:25:26 -0800
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The Kelley Family Christmas was a wonderful one this year, with two new family members - Liam and his cousin, Sam. But, before Christmas, we all did the obligatory trip to duPont Children's. Dr. Baffa gave Liam a thumbs-up, saying he's still doing well, heart-wise. He needs to continue to gain weight, and he is, but just not as fast as he should be. We should all have this problem! We went to the local pediatrician also on Friday after Christmas and the little pudge weighed in at a whopping 7 lbs 13 oz. Liam was happy with his first Christmas...all the fun lights around the house and on the tree to look at. Santa treated him right, bringing him lots of good presents. Liam got daddy a really good gift, too - a wagon! The best part of the holiday was getting together with all of the family to celebrate. We hope your holiday was as good as ours.


The Kelleys

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