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Liam feeling much better

Date: 11 Nov 2003
Time: 13:29:25 -0800
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Hi all!

Just a quick update to let you know that Liam is feeling much better now. After a night of Pedialyte, we put him back on a lower-calorie formula. Now, we're steadily upping the calorie in his formula and he's eating more and more like a good boy should!

We're sooo happy now with Liam's eating and he seems so much more at ease at home. of last night, Petee the dog is back in the house, so the whole family is back under one roof. Petee doesn't seem to mind Liam at all - we make sure to give him plenty of attention, too.

So, all is well with the Kelleys in Mount A.

Take care,

Chris, Heather, Liam and Petee Kelley

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