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Liam at home

Date: 07 Nov 2003
Time: 19:38:44 -0800
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Hi everyone!

Liam enjoyed his ride home from Delaware - slept the whole way. He did very well adjusting to being at home in Mount Airy. However, he hasn't felt very well for the last day or so. He isn't keeping his food down when he eats...sooooo...we went to the local pediatrician and had him checked. It was a planned visit anyway. She suggested that Liam take Pedialyte for the next few feedings. We talked to the docs back up in Wilmington, and they agreed. After a night of Pedialyte, we'll try to put him back on regular formula and see how that goes. This is ALL Liam needs now! G-I problems!! We're hoping this is just a minor setback and hope Liam will be back to his normal self soon.

Take care!

-Kelley's in Mount A

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