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Tubeless baby

Date: 04 Nov 2003
Time: 17:15:28 -0800
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Hey, big news! We have a "tubeless" baby. No feeding tube and no oxygen cannula up his nose! They took the oxygen off this morning around 9am and he's been holding up fine ever since. He has been eating well and doing great. His oxygen saturations drop to 68-69% when he sleeps, but his sats are in the mid- to upper-70s when he's awake and when he's eating. This is good for him. In fact, at this point in his series of operations they don't want sats above the 70s anyway. So, now all he has attached is an IV in his arm, a pulseoximeter, and some wires on his back to monitor his heartbeat. So...depending on how he does overnight tonight and tomorrow during the day, we MAY be able to come home tomorrow, or the next day with a completely tubeless and wireless baby...knock wood! Keep a good thought for us, and we'll let you know how it goes.

Take care,

Liam, et al.

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