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Good baby!

Date: 03 Nov 2003
Time: 07:35:34 -0800
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Liam has been doing very very well over the past few days. Our last update was after the cath lab, so let me fill you in on the details since then. They left the catheter in his heart when we came out of the lab so they could draw more fluid out if it accumulated. On Friday, they took out about 8 cc's of additional fluid, and on Saturday they only got about .5 cc's. Later on Saturday, they removed the catheter and put a dressing on his chest for it. Oh, and his bandage from his original surgery was removed about a week ago - his scar looks very good! He's a member of the "zipper club", according to the nurses here.

Halloween was pretty nice around here. They had a parade for the patients that were mobile and for the docs and nurses who could get away. Everyone was dressed up and marched throughout the hospital, trick or treating all the way. For the kids who couldn't come out, volunteers did the trick or treating for them. Liam even got his own goody bag, with a very nice crocheted blanket, made by a nice woman in Crisfield, MD, and a crazy pink flamingo beanie baby. Pretty nice! He's been eating everything by mouth for the past few days. They took him off one of the medicines for good now b/c it looks like it was really making him sick. Since then, he's been holding everything down. All in all, he's looking more like a normal baby! The nurse just came in and said that they'll be taking out his feeding tube when he wakes up around 11 and they've turned down his oxygen flow a bit to begin the weaning process again. Let's hope that this goes well! If it does, we may actually be able to go home with a "tubeless" baby! Woohoo!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support - we know it's made all the difference.

-The Kelleys

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