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Room change

Date: 27 Oct 2003
Time: 20:25:33 -0800
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Hello everyone. Overdue for a Liam update...sorry. When we're not doing baby stuff, we're sleeping in shifts. Ay caramba! I know, no sympathy from the other parents out there who know no sleep :) Anyway, he's doing okay. The fluid around the heart is still there (but not worse). He's still on oxygen in a small nose tube. And he's still getting pretty sick after almost every feeding. For the last 3 days, he hasn't been able to keep it down. They put him on some meds to try to see what happens. They also have decided to stop his heart medication to see if that has a positive affect on his stomach without negatively affecting his heart. It should take about a day to know for sure. So, now you're all familiar with the boy's puking habits. A little T.M.I., but hey, can we help being obsessive parents? No ;) They decided to move us down to Room #2 in the 2B unit...closer to the nurses' station and easier access for them if they need to come in quickly.

We are continually amazed at everyones' ongoing encouragement. We still keep getting e-mails and we're glad to know that you all are still checking the web site and supporting us. We'll definitely need to make a 'round the world tour to visit everyone and give you our thanks when we finally get to come home.

Take care,

Chris, Heather and Liam "the lima bean" Kelley

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