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Hanging out with Liam

Date: 23 Oct 2003
Time: 16:45:39 -0700
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It's so GREAT having Liam in the room with us. We get to see him any time we want and we get to talk to him and touch him all the time now. They did another echo this morning and saw that the fluid around his heart is still there, but it isn't increasing in amount, so that is very good. They are telling us that eventually it will be resorbed back into his system. They also took out the breathing tube that was in his nose this morning...and he's still doing well. We wake him for about 45 minutes every 3 hours to feed him, give him medicine and change him. As new parents, it's taking a while to get used to this schedule, but we're so very glad to be doing this! They still haven't given us any indication as to when we might be able to take Liam home, but I think it's contingent on the fluid around his heart. He's having trouble eating - it wears him out very quickly and he starts breathing hard after about 5 minutes of trying. But he's slowly starting to eat more and more every time...and whatever he can't eat by mouth, he takes by a feeding tube. The nurse told us today that he can go home with a feeding tube in, so that shouldn't hamper us taking him home. We're really hoping that it will happen soon.

Thanks once again for all of your support everyone.

Take care,

Heather, Chris and Liam

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