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Still waiting...but getting closer

Date: 21 Oct 2003
Time: 07:47:28 -0700
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Well, Liam is being stubborn about coming out of the CICU. We spoke with Dr. Davis this morning and she said that there are two things they want to monitor with Liam before they feel comfortable with letting him out of the ICU.

First, there is a lot of fluid around his heart - not enough to warrant intervention (in the form of draining the fluid), but enough to keep an eye on him. The second thing is that he needs to get his body back into a balanced pH state.

The docs feel that the reason for his current imbalance probably has to do with the fact that they've been giving him diuretics, which normally have the effect of pushing the pH to a more alkaline level. So, this morning, they'll be doing an echo to see how the fluid in the heart is doing and they're altering his meds to compensate for the pH imbalance.

We know he'll come out eventually. We just need to be patient :)

Take care, The Kelleys at duPont Children's Hospital

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