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Maybe out of the ICU today?

Date: 20 Oct 2003
Time: 07:36:31 -0700
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We don't want to jinx it, but the doctor that we talked to just a few minutes ago said that Liam might be able to come out of the ICU today. Last night, they took his breathing tube out - sort of. They put a different kind that only goes to the back of his throat and not way down to the split for the lungs. This morning around 6:30, they took out the other tube, and now he just has a small oxygen canula in one of his nostrils. The other nostril has a feeding tube. He's been able to have mommy's milk over the past few days through his tube. However, before they try to take him out of the ICU, I think they'll try to feed him with a bottle and see how that goes. So, keep your fingers crossed for Liam! Hopefully he'll be stepping down from the ICU today :)

-Liam, Heather and Chris

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