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Slow progress

Date: 19 Oct 2003
Time: 11:19:46 -0700
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Since Liam was doing so well, we figured that he would be able to get back to his normal self very quickly.

However, over the past few days, he seemed to be having a little bit of a rough time. A couple days ago, the nurses noticed that Liam was not breathing as well, so they did a scan of his chest. One of his lungs had collapsed, but they were able to put a breathing tube in right away to give him some extra pressure and to re-inflate the lung. Since then, he spent almost all of the time asleep, resting while using the breathing tube. He's progressively gotten much better since that time. In fact, this morning, when Heather and I went to visit Liam, he opened his eyes for a little while to look at mommy and daddy. This was very heartening, and when Dr. Baffa told Heather that they'll try to take the breathing tube out today, that was also very good news. They said that the next 24 hours after they take out the breathing tube will be a time for Liam to rest and we've been told that we cannot touch him or talk too loudly around him so we don't disturb him too much. Of course, all we want to do is touch and hold him, but we'll hold out for now, so he can recover well. We'll be so glad when we can actually take him home and just have everything be normal!! Things have been so up and down for Liam that it's really taking a toll on the whole family. Thanks again to everyone for their wonderful support. We'll keep you up to date on the blog here.

Take care,

Liam, Heather and Chris

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