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Baby Liam is doing well!

Date: 15 Oct 2003
Time: 07:25:19 -0700
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Liam just came out of surgery and he is looking great. He's in the ICU right now and has a chest tube and a dressing on his chest, but his color is good and he's sleeping. Heather and I went in to visit him for a minute or two just to see how he is. We'll be able to go back and see him again for a longer visit in about an hour or two.

We spoke with Dr. Norwood and he said that Liam's right atrium has been reduced surgically back to a normal atrium size. He also fixed Liam's tricuspid valve. The valve was in the shape that they expected - it was congenitally deformed and also showed signs of wearing out due to the massive regurgitation that was going on. Dr. N sutured the valve and checked it. Then, he determined that a patch was needed on the annulus. We're not exactly sure what all this means, except that it's all good news. Dr. Norwood saw the VSD and he figures that the Rastelli is a viable option. Or, the single ventricle surgery might also be the way to go.

For now, Liam is doing well, though. They said that once he recovers from this surgery, we'll be able to take him back home for 4-6 months. Then, he'll come back for whatever surgery is warranted based on how his heart's doing at the time. We have more questions and want to see Liam again. Hopefully, we'll be able to see Dr. Baffa a little later and she can fully explain the surgery and what the prospects are for the future.

Thank you everyone for your love, support, and prayers.

Doing well and very happy at duPont Children's in Wilmington, Chris, Heather, and Liam Kelley

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