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A long day and a long day to come

Date: 14 Oct 2003
Time: 16:42:02 -0700
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They told us that we would hear when and what they'd be doing for Liam this morning, but we didn't end up talking to a doctor about it until after 3pm today. Liam will be going into open heart surgery tomorrow morning at 8am. He will be having his very large right atrium "placated" or reduced in size. He will also have the faulty tricuspid valve fixed. The plan is NOT to do anything to fix the transposition or VSD at this point. As long as all goes well tomorrow - and we know it will - Liam will have some recovery time and then he will come home with us. I'm sure they will tell us all we need to know to care for him, but as much as we all want to come home with Liam now, we're apprehensive about this, also. Of course, being home with him will be a very very wonderful thing. Anyway, he'll come home for 6-8 weeks, and then we'll come back here and have them do the TGA and VSD fixed. Dr. Norwood will be able to take a look at these areas while his in tomorrow and will have a first-hand chance to decide the best choice of action when the next surgery comes.

Heather and I are both scared and hopeful that Liam will be okay tomorrow. Now, more than ever, we can use your prayers. I will let you know Liam's status when he comes back from surgery tomorrow morning.

Heather, Chris and Liam Kelley

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